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The Friendly Competition Begins…Update

23rd Sep 2014

By Fanatic


With the introduction of the new Technical Project Manager Umair to the team, it maybe that Ryan has found his match on the table football and table tennis, only time will tell who will come out victorious – Keep updated with the latest scores.

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What’s your brand personality?

1st Aug 2014

By Fanatic


Does your brand have a personality? Of course it does…

It’s part of how your customers perceive your brand and how you stand out from your competition. Put it this way: if it were a person, how would it behave in front of your customer, and what impression would it leave.

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Stitched Bespoke

14th Jul 2014

By Fanatic

Our Design team have created a custom font effect for a recent project for our client The Blue Badge Company, who specialise in hand made fabric wallets for the blue badge.

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New Website – Hazelwood

28th May 2014

By Fanatic

Last year we launched a gorgeous webpage with e-commerce functionality for Wiltshire based spa Hazelwood and we have since been busy working on a full website just launched.

New website – Avalon Marshes

15th May 2014

By Fanatic


After winning a tender process with Avalon Marshes, a tourist attraction and birdwatchers’ heaven, we have spent the last few months designing and building their website.

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Blue Badge Company

3rd Apr 2014

By Fanatic


We are very proud to live and work in Bristol, a creative city bursting with innovative start up and small businesses like the Blue Badge Company, a young Bristol based company that has grown impressively in its short 4 year lifespan.  We’re delighted to be working with them, launching a new website this month.

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