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The Rise of the Risograph

29th Apr 2016

By Fanatic

risograph blog

Over the last few years, within the graphic design/illustration community, there has been an emergence (or more accurately a resurgence) of a particular kind of stencil printing using a machine called Risograph — pronounced rise-o-graph (at least that’s how I say it). A number of printers/studios have been providing a service based solely around this machine for a short while now.

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Having A Smashing Time

5th Apr 2016

By Fanatic


It was a particularly rainy morning, I was sipping from my coffee and catching up with emails when one of them caught my eye. It was an invitation to Smashing Conference in Oxford, which is jam packed full of discussions about the latest design and content trends. So I talked to Ian and suggested that we should reward Fanatics for the great work we do. When we both agreed on this great idea – I was rewarded with a ticket to Smashing Conference. Every week before the Smashing Conference attendees were sent emails with useful informations about Oxford and speakers performing. 

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Cinematic inspiration

1st Apr 2016

By Fanatic

bristol illustration and graphic design

I’ve created a quick illustration to go with this review, it’s not very often you’ll be blessed with the presence of my (average) design ability, but I liked the film and it motivated me to create something inspired by it, after detoxing for 3 days following the 8,000 calorie challenge I participated in during the film ‘10 Cloverfield Lane’ gets a rating of 4/5 stars from me!

As an avid cinemagoer, I invest a lot of my free time watching new films while over indulging in chocolate and self-pity and now that I’ve successfully morphed my partner into sharing this interest, we go to the cinema, pretty much every weekend.

Recently, we decided to go and see ‘10 Cloverfield Lane’ – a sequel(ish) to the 2008 movie ‘Cloverfield’. I was skeptical about going because ‘Cloverfield’ was a terrible film in my opinion, a shaky cameraman that reminded me of my nan on childhood birthdays, mixed with the dodgy acting you usually see in Emmerdale. That film left me really underwhelmed and I was happy that there had been no direct sequel for several years so I could sleep well at night knowing nobody’s being put through that sort of visual pain again.

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Ice Cold in Powys

26th Feb 2016

By Fanatic

Creative team up mountainSo this is the bit where we tell you we took a week off from our busy schedule to hike troll-infested Icelandic fjords. We could convince with reports of minus 12 degree temperatures, 40 mile an hour winds and several feet of snow that we were just a stones throw away from the arctic circle, feasting on pickled shark and bathing our sore feet in geothermic pools. In reality we discovered that those conditions can all be found just a 20 minute drive north of Cardiff (shark excluded).Read More

Vanguard: The e-book

23rd Feb 2016

By Fanatic


In a time where more companies are embracing the potential of new digital trends, being asked to create a web hosted platform to showcase articles in book form could seem a bit safe. For Vanguard, an investment management company, market trends are much more of a concern than the digital variety, so an e-book is exactly what Vanguard needed to share their expertise effectively across their UK, European and Swiss investment markets.


Potential new clients the scale of Vanguard don’t come along very often but clearly our credentials with financial companies are working in our favour because they felt confident in our team’s ability to deliver a well-made e-book that worked for them.


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Meet our website programmer

4th Nov 2015

By Fanatic

In doing Tom’s Q&A, I realised we’d neglected to ask the same questions to Patrik! The shame! He sat down to work at Fanatic over a year ago and there’s no website project that has stopped him yet.

Everyone, meet Patrik…


What are your professional qualifications (not that we always require them but good to know)?

Back in the day, I was a talent for a computer networking company and was close to get the cisco CCNA certificate but, after failing on final exams I realised that I didn’t really fancy it and discovered the world of websites.

Only professional qualification I have is LLOP licence. ( low level order picker ) 😉


From your technical and design perspective, what is your favourite website?

Any website released by Fanatic and I also admire the work of Brighton’s Clearleft team.


And from the opposite perspective, what website do you hate and wish you could remake?

No doubt it is, so many talented people and so terribly presented.

(nb Patrik is actually Slovakian)

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Meet our new designer

3rd Nov 2015

By Fanatic

We recently hired a new designer and just subjected him to this little Q&A.

Everyone, meet Tom…


What are your professional qualifications (not that we always require them but good to know)?

National Diploma/HND in Graphic Design

BA (Hons) Animation (1st)

E in French GCSE


From a design perspective, what is your favourite brand?

Hard to pick one but one of my favourite brands is Bearhug –

Studio Moross/Kate Moross is up there too


And from the opposite perspective, what brand do you visually hate and wish you could redesign?

Apart from 90% of the ‘designers’ I went to college/university with – I’d have to say either Persil or Showcase Cinema – never have I wanted to physically stab someone in the face more than when I’m forced to sit through a boring, poorly designed, dragged out advert from Showcase.

Persil’s logo looks like someone’s eaten 20 crayons, digested them and then

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Heat Recruitment

16th Sep 2015

By Fanatic

Growing steadily over the past 10 years with outposts in Bristol and London, Heat Recruitment felt the need to take the positive but often daunting step towards a re-brand. A lot can change in 10 years and their identity started to look out of place against the success they wanted to reflect as a dynamic company.

After a successful tender bid, Fanatic have been working over the past few months on their new brand concept and we are pleased to say that Heat have unveiled the new visuals at their annual golf day. And judging by the response from the guests, it has gone down exceptionally well!







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NY-LON website now live!

4th Aug 2015

By Fanatic

Fanatic have been kept busy over the past couple of weeks finishing off a new website for our clients, Levy Restaurants UK. They recently won the tender to operate a new concept bar from Virgin Atlantic and Delta and asked us, along with branding agency LOVE, to help bring NY-LON to life online.

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Pennethorne’s Shortlisted for Award

16th Jun 2015

By Fanatic

Pennethorne’s Cafe Bar, has been shortlisted for ‘Best Restaurant or Bar in a Heritage Building‘ at this year’s prestigious Restaurant & Bar Design Awards. As one of our many delightful clients but definitely the most stylish, it comes as no surprise. We spent many an hour pouring over the photography selection when designing their website and getting very hungry in the process. Even elements like the chef’s food table and pouring the coffee are styled with finesse making us wish we could work there instead of the Tobacco Factory…

Pennethorne's Cafe Bar, Design, Award, SHH

Well done to everyone and finger’s crossed for Pennethorne’s to win their category!

Interior design has become a bit of a new venture for us as well, with one of our clients seeking our creative skills to develop and brand their new office in Bristol. We should have something to put up here soon so watch this space!

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