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Responsive web design

9th Jun 2015

By Fanatic

graphic_web_design_bristolA very current topic is responsive web design. No website design project goes by without lengthy discussions about responsive versions, and during 2015 has so far been the reason clients have been discussing an updated website design.

This means we are explaining over and again all about responsive, so we thought we would write some of the common discussion items down as a blog post.

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Web Design: Conversion Rate & Add to cart Button

13th May 2015

By Fanatic

We have recently been looking at the conversion rate in one of our eCommerce sites, and the ‘Add to Cart’ button became an area we identified as needing improvement, so we though we would share our findings.

Your website needs to work hard, and increasing conversion rate is always a focus for our web design. Here we share some of our thoughts and finding on what effect a  good ‘Add To Cart’ button has on the conversion rate of visitors to cart users. Indeed the thoughts below colt for all main conversion buttons, nit restricted to add to cart. for example ‘enquire now’, ‘call us’, or ‘download report’, but whatever the desired out come, or call to action, the button needs to stand out, and invite the click.

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Brand Development

8th May 2015

By Fanatic

Developing your business’s brand is an essential component in differentiating you from your competitors. And this doesn’t just apply to well known consumer brands, it also matters to smaller businesses operating in both B2C and B2B sectors.

We’ve worked with a range of larger organisations and SMEs  to ensure that their brand accurately reflects the values and personality of the business and that this is expressed visually and with an appropriate ‘tone of voice’. Additionally brands need to have a ‘point of view’ to share in content marketing, which is becoming an increasingly important element in the mix.

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England cricketing legend Jack Russell launches new web design – Bristol

24th Apr 2015

By Fanatic

As one of Bristol’s leading web design and digital marketing agencies, we’re proud to have designed and built a new Magento ecommerce website for cricketing legend Jack Russell.

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Former England player (1987 to 1998) Jack Russell, is now an internationally recognised artist and has commissioned the website in order to sell his works which are in demand around the globe. The subjects covered are not just cricket related, but also include military, architectural, people and wildlife themes. It was important that the web design complimented the art itself…

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When marketing meets street art

1st Apr 2015

By Joanna Waclawski


Cities are rich sources of visual material whether you’re looking for it or not. And playing on this is the new campaign for the Museum of Childhood at the V&A.

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Marketing Tips for 2015

16th Dec 2014

By Fanatic


Marketing Tips for 2015 It seems that over the past year digital marketing has taken over our lives. It’s great because a lot of the time it can cost-effective, deliver results quicker and allow you to evaluate your investment. Marketers nowadays need to reach more customers, as well as retain the ones they already have. With everybody on the move, the way we reach our potential customers is going to change. So here are just a few things that you need to look out for as a marketer in 2015.

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Fun VS Serious

3rd Dec 2014

By Fanatic


So you have decided to succumb to the new marketing tool that is social media. Well done, the likes of Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter will surely boost your online presence and marketing potential, but only if used correctly.

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