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Bespoke paid media strategies to win you business

Paid marketing is possibly the most measurable of modern marketing channels, with the ability on most platforms to pay by clicks (PPC), impressions (CPM), or conversions (CPC), allowing huge amounts of flexibility for different campaigns.

Adwords is probably the most well know digital platform for advertising, with a potential reach of 80% of internet users either through the display network which includes partner sites, Gmail and Youtube, or via Google search results pages.

Adwords let you speed up the process of getting on the first page of Google while allowing great visibility of the most successful keywords and searches for your business.

Paid social is one of the fastest growing areas of digital marketing as it gives the opportunity to target you adverts very specifically by a huge range of demographics.

Whether you are targeting a B2B proposition to users with a specific job title on LinkedIn via sponsored InMail or boosting the reach of your Facebook posts to grow your audience, paid social is a very controlled and targeted way to communicate with a new audience.

Have good traffic to your website already? We have experience in the set up, management and optimisation of onsite ad networks to allow you to generate additional income from your site.

With access to Google’s display network, you don’t even need a sales team to get started, we can make sure you have relevant ads generating income for your site from day one.


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