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Content speaks louder than words

Bill Gates uttered the now infamous “Content is King” over 21 years ago, back in 1996, but it only seems to have become a marketing mantra in the last few years. Odd considering that without content, what are marketers posting on social media? what is featuring in email marketing? how are landing pages going to rank in search engines?

Equally the concept that content is limited to just copywriting seems like a relic from a previous age when dial up roamed the earth. We focus on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience. This content will take the format of whatever will best engage with your audience, whether that’s infographics, videos or interactive reports, you’re not just limited to text.

As part of our content creation process, we create cross channel strategies, which provides a seamless experience for users across different platforms. This also helps to improve return on  investment as one piece of content can be used to create an PPC landing page, email link or broken into smaller pieces to create a series of social media posts.

In a marketing landscape where brands are increasingly becoming publishers, the content we create needs to work with your audience to produce the right emotional response, whether that’s building trust in a service, excitement about a product launch or setting yourselves up as expert thought leaders in your industry.

We work on a content strategy to cater for users dependent on user intent and this we normally split into transactional and informative content. For example someone might be searching for “living room wallpaper” or ” living room paint”, looking to transact and purchase a product.

The same person might be looking for “living room design ideas”, looking for informative content.  This user is still likely to convert giving the right call to action, so it’s delivering content across a broad range of fronts to capture as much relevant traffic as possible.

Our award winning content uses data insights and keyword research, combined with A/B testing, to create measurable and impactful digital marketing.

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