Lapp Group

Supporting 27% revenue growth via cross platform marketing


Lapp Group are an global manufacturer and supplier of cables and cable components for industrial engineering. Our goal is to support the UK sales team with a larger quantity of warm leads to improve revenue. Our focus has been on increasing the efficiency and results of a number of core marketing channels, including social media, email marketing, direct marketing and content. A large part of our initial process is to reassess the way each marketing platform is used by doing a rolling series of A/B testing experiments to get better audience insights.


At the top level we’re very happy with an initial revenue increase of 27% year-on-year. The main contributing factors to this has been some site level technical SEO, improved traffic from social media and much improved statistics from email marketing. Email marketing alone has seen a 68% increase in open rate and a 387% increase in click through rate. Over the next 12 months we hope the audience insights we’ve gained can be used to improve other marketing channels as well.

Email Marketing

We set up a series of A/B tests and automation to help us increase the click through and open rates of our email marketing. By testing a large number of factors, from subject lines, propositions, creative formats, delivery times and follow up methods, we got to understand our audience better, which meant we could send them more relevant content. Lots of the audience insights gained through email marketing, like which of 2 articles most people preferred to read, then allows us to segment the audience based on click intent.


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