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Supporting digital publishing with a 424% increase in pageviews year-on-year


IFA Magazine is a specialist finance sector publisher and part of Clifton Media Lab. Clifton Media Lab is responsible for publishing 4 different titles across financial services and tech, in both print and digital mediums. Our goals were to increase website traffic to support advertising revenue and improve on the quality of results from sponsored content. These goals were part of an overall transition from a print lead business to taking a new digital first approach to content, marketing and advertising.



We are proud that our work  improved the number of users to the site by 376% year-on-year, and pageviews (which correlates to advertising revenue) by 424% year-on-year. We also increased the number of articles read per visit to the site by 176%.

This increase in traffic quality and quantify allowed us to launch 3 additional publications in a 12 month period which had a direct affect on the success of the business.


With the introduction of a new emailing system, a new content plan and ongoing A/B testing, we created a whole new email strategy to support traffic building to the site. With new templates and creative formats, we improved with open rates (OP) and click through rates (CTR) to generate a 51% increase in email traffic year-on-year.

Social Media & Content

Over a a 21 month period, we created and posted more than 8,500 social media posts for Clifton Media Lab’s publications, including IFA Magazine. These posts were used on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ not only to drive traffic to the website, but also to create quality communities of users across niche B2B markets. As a publishing business, we had a crucial role to play in supporting journalists with content strategy, user insights and the data required to create informed content. This included the creation of live content dashboards which allowed any writers at any time to view immediately which articles were best performing on weekly, monthly and quarterly basis.


As part of our full service marketing support to IFA Magazine and Clifton media Lab as a whole, we set up and managed advertising networks across 5 different websites to support the business as a core revenue stream, creating 70% extra inventory year-on-year. By optimising creatives, improving the advertising delivery process and audience insights, we managed to improve click through rates by 60%.


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