Website Role

Your website should play a specific role within your marketing plan. To increase the number of people who visit, and the number of visitors who convert into enquiries or customers, it is important to proactively attract to right visitors, and gear the website around encouraging the conversion.

We will help you to focus your website into achieving it’s two main roles: to attract, and then to convert visitors. By attracting the right visitors, who include your main target customer segments, as well as current customers who should be repeatedly visiting your site, the conversion rate can be grown. The conversion rate is proportional to the quality of the site, and how clearly set out the options for them to convert are, for example a download of a document, an enquiry form or email, or perhaps an ecommerce purchase.

It is mainly the content, search engine optimisation and off site marketing that is used to attract visitors, and it is the website design, closely aligned with your brand positioning and messages which should be focused on guiding your visitors towards one of your pre defined conversions.

website- marketing-role

Landing Pages and Content

We will help you to define your landing pages, which are the main entry points to your website. You need one for each distinct search term, or group of search terms. The quality of the content on your landing pages, and how well optimised it is will have a big effect on the number of visitors that the search engines send to your site. You can use email campaigns to your carefully monitored list of contacts, and if your content is good enough it can also be shared across relevant social media platforms.

Content is key to generating relevant website visitors, and how often it is updated and new content added is very important. We can help you establish a digital marketing plan that sets out ideas for creating new search engine optimised content across 12 months, at a sustainable frequency, which will put your website above your competitors in the search engine rank positions.

Increase Conversion Rate

We will define a desired conversion outcome for your website visitors. There may be multiple website conversion outcomes, for example a request for more information may be relevant for one visitor, but another may be looking for an immediate ecommerce transaction. There should also be multiple conversion opportunities that suit your visitors differing stages within your buying process, such as a social share or bookmark.

Our website design process is focussed on increasing the conversion rate of your website. Our aim is to help your visitors find what they are looking for quickly, satisfy all the questions they need to be answered for them to convert, buy or engage, then give them the impetus they need to convert. It is important to fully understand the visitors, and what it is they need to enable them to convert. Our web design will then present this to them, and give them a bold and clear opportunity, and encouragement to convert.