Compass Group – Website Design

The Brief

Compass Group are a hospitality group with a difference. The FTSE 100 company aims to turn every day into a great day through the range of services they provide from hiring unique and unusual event venues to providing an amazing dining experience with great caterers. As part of an overall rebranding project, we delivered a brand new website to Compass Group, combining the functionality of their previously separate recruitment website to showcase their diverse services and brands as well as their unique brand identity.

Our Solution

We wanted to make Compass Group a new, clean and modern website that got across the message that they want to make a difference. With imagery taking a lead in the new website, we made the colours of the images bright and fulfilling to ensure that we could put across the message of community all around the new website. This also provides a unique focus on Compass’ “people at the heart” approach which is a message relayed all around the website.


The website is designed to be SEO optimised to ensure the best results are made where people can see it. Search engines. Playing a major role in a websites, being SEO optimised gives Compass Group the chance to rise in the ranks of search engines.


Compass Group’s new website offers the chance to be modular meaning that Compass Group staff members are free to make pages without having any prior knowledge of coding. This offers the team flexibility and ease when trying to create new pages.


The final solution was mapping a user journey and making the pages easier to navigate, which now have been done to ensure that people visiting the Compass Website have a clear path that they can follow to ensure clarity throughout the site.