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Will you take advantage of Google’s changes ?

8th Apr 2015

By Fanatic

fanatic_design_google_blogWith the number of mobile devices being used to browse the internet increasing, Google is changing their search algorithm to reflect this trend.


Google’s main goal is to provide users with more accessible content for mobile devices, by preferring responsive websites in search results.

There’s no official statement saying if responsive websites will be preferred on desktop organic results as well but it’s highly expected that mobile search results will affect desktop ranking.

From now on, responsive design is becoming a crucial part of SEO. Whether your website is or isn’t responsive you can check by taking Google’s mobile-friendly test. This big update is taking effect from 21st April so if you want to get all advantages of upcoming changes and boost your SEO ranking, get in touch and we can help you make your website responsive before it’s too late!

More details about this update can be found in Google’s official blog post.

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