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What’s your brand personality?

1st Aug 2014

By Fanatic


Does your brand have a personality? Of course it does…

It’s part of how your customers perceive your brand and how you stand out from your competition. Put it this way: if it were a person, how would it behave in front of your customer, and what impression would it leave.

People buy from people, and are more likely to warm, engage and ultimately to buy from a brand that seems to be similar to them, that seems to fit them, and in many cases, that they are happy to be defined by.

A brand personality is defined by the set of factors integral to your product or service delivery. in the following diagram, there is an example of a set of personality factors. Scoring your brand for each one out of six gives an indication of its personality, and an impression of what its like to interact with:


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Your visual marketing materials speak for you when you are not present, and so should convey the personality you would exude if you were there in person.

Your marketing materials and all customer interactions should leave the customer with a clear and consistent impression of what your brand is all about.A brand needs to stand out and have a point of differentiation within its market, while also being closely aligned with the person you want to buy into it. By spotting a brand factor that is important to your target customer, and that has not been over emphasised by your competition, you could have an opportunity to offer an angle to potential customers and a reason why they should buy from you.


For more talk to us about how to define your brand personality, and how to position your brand in clear space within your market. We have a range of ways to help you from startup, to developing long established brands.


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