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Website features to frustrate your users

16th Jan 2014

By Fanatic

website features to frustrate your users

Fed up of those pesky customers finding you through your website? Want them to frustrate them so they go to your competition? Follow these tips to ensure you wont be overwhelmed with customer enquiries in 2014.

1. Go into hiding

Appearing on the first couple of pages of Google will only attract unwanted attention to your website. By not adding new content thinking about keywords, you’ll slip into the dark depths of the World Wide Web, making you nearly impossible to find, great news!

2. Who needs taste?

If the most persistent customers do manage to find your website, its important to make an impact. There are so many colours out there, why stick to two or three coordinating shades? Also, adding a plethora of font types will guarantee any visitor a migraine.

3. Slow it down

With today’s demands, people are in a rush. Giving them a slow website is a sure fire way to induce maximum frustration. There are so many options with this, I would suggest using flash, tables and pointless large images.

4. Get your visitors lost

Everyone loves a maze right? Not when it comes to websites… Easy navigation is for websites that want their customers to find what they came for. If you want to truly frustrate your visitors, make your navigation bar hard to find, with complicated page titles and at least 3 clicks to get anywhere useful

5. Content to confuse

Once your visitor finally gets to the remote part of your website that they wanted to go, ensure that your content is equally complicated. Use jargon and industry buzzwords that your customer can’t understand. Do this well and they wont even be able to work out what you do!

If you don’t want to follow these tips and want to talk about providing a great website for your potential customers, get in touch with Sam at Fanatic, at

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