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The 4 most important tips for small business marketing

12th Feb 2014

By Fanatic

Over the last 10 years the World of marketing has changed significantly and rapidly. To marketers used to the ‘old school’ methods or small business owners without the necessary resources, it can be an overwhelming task to get your company heard in the competitive din of today’s market.

There are so many forms of communicating with your potential customers through social media, digital marketing and SEO. However if you take a step back, take a breath and spend some time planning, you’ll soon see this as an opportunity instead of a mountain to climb.

The nature of the consumer has changed, they no longer purchase products, they buy into a brand.  The plethora of social media channels, boom of blogging and use of media like video and imagery has meant that a brand can adopt and convey a personality

If you don’t have much time, start with these quick tips to get started:

  1. Think about what your brand is saying about you.  Is it a good reflection of you and what you offer? What is your brand personality – corporate, friendly, supportive?
  2. Generate content that shows off that personality. Plan your content carefully, ensuring that it is appealing to the right people and conveys what you want to say about your business.
  3. Think about your customers. This is not about the hard sell, it’s about building relationships and introducing your brand to people. Keep it true to your brand, inject some personality and avoid the jargon
  4. Get your content out there! Use Twitter and blogging as a start, you can always grow from there.  The minimum you should aim for is a tweet per day and a blog per month but the more quality content you can get out there the better

It’s a cliché but content really is king and simply by generating some great content you’ll soon be able to develop your brand personality, connect with potential customers and keep your website fresh and optimised for Google Search.

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