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Meet our website programmer

4th Nov 2015

By Fanatic

In doing Tom’s Q&A, I realised we’d neglected to ask the same questions to Patrik! The shame! He sat down to work at Fanatic over a year ago and there’s no website project that has stopped him yet.

Everyone, meet Patrik…


What are your professional qualifications (not that we always require them but good to know)?

Back in the day, I was a talent for a computer networking company and was close to get the cisco CCNA certificate but, after failing on final exams I realised that I didn’t really fancy it and discovered the world of websites.

Only professional qualification I have is LLOP licence. ( low level order picker ) 😉


From your technical and design perspective, what is your favourite website?

Any website released by Fanatic and I also admire the work of Brighton’s Clearleft team.


And from the opposite perspective, what website do you hate and wish you could remake?

No doubt it is, so many talented people and so terribly presented.

(nb Patrik is actually Slovakian)


What is your favourite music genre / musician / band – whatever is easiest to answer?

My favourites are green day, guns and roses but I like to listen to anything that doesn’t sound like washing machines rolling down the stairs.


Any favourite snacks?

Anything with beer 


Any secret talents? ( e.g. juggling hamsters, rapping backwards, making a soufflé)

Making websites spin, explode and crashing the servers.

(nb also saving servers, don’t worry)


And finally, what’s your favourite emoji?

World Wildlife Funds endangered emoji. Beautiful emoji with a good cause.



Ah a heart of gold, or is that golden beer… Thanks Patrik!

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