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Meet our new designer

3rd Nov 2015

By Fanatic

We recently hired a new designer and just subjected him to this little Q&A.

Everyone, meet Tom…


What are your professional qualifications (not that we always require them but good to know)?

National Diploma/HND in Graphic Design

BA (Hons) Animation (1st)

E in French GCSE


From a design perspective, what is your favourite brand?

Hard to pick one but one of my favourite brands is Bearhug –

Studio Moross/Kate Moross is up there too


And from the opposite perspective, what brand do you visually hate and wish you could redesign?

Apart from 90% of the ‘designers’ I went to college/university with – I’d have to say either Persil or Showcase Cinema – never have I wanted to physically stab someone in the face more than when I’m forced to sit through a boring, poorly designed, dragged out advert from Showcase.

Persil’s logo looks like someone’s eaten 20 crayons, digested them and then


forced out a large pile of human faeces, scanned it into a 1997 computer and then put the first font they can find on top of it.


What is your favourite music genre / musician / band – whatever is easiest to answer?

Indie mainly, although I listen to a huge variety (nothing that’s repetitive chart music about love)

Arctic Monkeys are probably my favourite band.


Any favourite snacks?

Forrero Rocher and sour cherries.

Although I tend not to eat snacks apart from fruit because I’m a boring old man.


Any secret talents? ( e.g. juggling hamsters, rapping backwards, making a soufflé)

I’m pretty good at cooking, not really a secret talent though.

I can pretend to be interested in peoples boring conversations without them realising I’m not listening nor do I care about what they’re saying.


And finally, what’s your favourite emoji?

Don’t really use them but I’ll go for the poo face one.



Makes sense… thanks Tom!

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