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Marketing Tips for 2015

16th Dec 2014

By Fanatic


Marketing Tips for 2015 It seems that over the past year digital marketing has taken over our lives. It’s great because a lot of the time it can cost-effective, deliver results quicker and allow you to evaluate your investment. Marketers nowadays need to reach more customers, as well as retain the ones they already have. With everybody on the move, the way we reach our potential customers is going to change. So here are just a few things that you need to look out for as a marketer in 2015.


1. Go back to the basics
As a marketer, you need to go back to the very beginning and look at who your target audience are, and what is the best way in which to reach them. You need to make sure to ask yourself one question, is the content you’re creating actually relevant to your audience?

2. Mobile
If you haven’t considered using mobile in the coming year then you are going to miss out. With more and more people accessing the internet on their mobile it is crucial to think about this aspect in regards to your marketing. It has been estimated that the internet will reach 3 billion users next year and mobile internet consumption is set to overtake tablet internet consumption.

3. Responsive Design
If you want to utilise mobile efficiently you need to take responsive design into consideration. With mobile and tablet internet users your website needs to be responsive and optimised for mobile. Scrap the complex menus and replace them with compressed menus that are beautiful and clean in their design. You must remember that your website is the go-to place for your customers.

4. Moving to a more personalised approach
Your message cannot be ‘sell, sell!’ anymore. A great thing to do is to create your relationships one at a time. Don’t target the masses like you have done in previous years. Show the human side to your business and set yourself aside from the boring, corporate drones that create campaigns with little or no imagination.

5. Retention and Loyalty
These two things in the coming year are to become another growth channel for your business. Think of imaginative ways to create loyal customers and inevitably a better experience for your customers so that they will happily come back for more. This is vital for all businesses, whether you’re a B2C or B2B business.

6. Paid Social Media
Everyone in the marketing sector is more than aware of the importance of social media marketing. But are you aware of the importance of paid social media? It needs to have some space in your budget. Now that big brands are also using social media, it’s a crowded space so having room in your budget to pay for social media should now be expected.

7. Technically Savvy
This may not be welcome news but in order to survive in the new world of marketing it is time to become technically savvy. Marketers should learn some coding, embrace the science behind marketing otherwise you may be left behind. Marketers don’t just have to understand advertising and PR but now also content, delivery, SEO, social, email, mobile, lead generation and how all of these work together. These tips for 2015 is for both B2B and B2C businesses and neither of them can ignore the fact the majority of people spend most of their time with their heads down, consumed in their beloved mobile device. So embrace it and use it to your advantage rather than running away scared.

If you follow these tips 2015 can be your most successful year yet.

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