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Brand Development

8th May 2015

By Fanatic

Developing your business’s brand is an essential component in differentiating you from your competitors. And this doesn’t just apply to well known consumer brands, it also matters to smaller businesses operating in both B2C and B2B sectors.

We’ve worked with a range of larger organisations and SMEs  to ensure that their brand accurately reflects the values and personality of the business and that this is expressed visually and with an appropriate ‘tone of voice’. Additionally brands need to have a ‘point of view’ to share in content marketing, which is becoming an increasingly important element in the mix.

Before any design work can begin it’s essential to get under the skin of what the business is about and we have a straightforward three-stage process which we take our clients through:

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The Audit helps us understand where the brand is now; how  it compares to competitors, who its customers are and what it looks like. It’s then important to identify where we want the brand to be in the future. The Positioning stage normally begins with a workshop attended by several people from around the business. This is a lively and interactive session and gets everyone thinking about the business and how best to communicate what it does.

Only once we have completed the Audit and Positioning phases do we begin the design phase.

If you’d like to see some examples of brand development work take a look at our portfolio section. And do get in touch if you’re considering refreshing your brand or even need a brand for a new business.

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